Volker März / text


Volker Märzes clay-figures and performances play with stereotypes and generalizations. His “UNOs United”, an only seemingly paradoxical union of the isolated, function as allegories of wider social interests. With his simplifications and exaggerations he wants to make complex issues visible and easily accessible to a larger group of people and facilitate the discussion about them. Thus, he often makes use of catchwords, slogans, over-generalizations and disproportionate measurements.

Contentwise, it is important to März to continiously question so-called facts and avoid social limitations. In his discussion of German history, the holocaust and the way today’s society deals with it, his works often have a strongly provocative character, so that some of his projects were even cancelled by the organizing institutions. He never means to hurt or destroy, though, but his aim is to point out taboos, reveal what is being hidden and open it up to public and private re-thinking and questioning.

Iris Helffenstein